Restaurant Simulator : Mobile Chef Cooking Game

This game is a simulator of a fancy restaurant. You play as a chef and waitress at once. There are 3 different restaurant buildings. Each restaurant building has 10 different quests. You, as a waitress have to come to a customers and find out what they want. Then you go back to kitchen, where you prepare the dish. After it's ready you serve it to a customers and earn money. When you get enough money, you complete the quest. There are several different dishes that you can create. You have to go through the exact procedure to create the dish. You can cook, to fry, chop, slice, bake and also a grill all kinds of food, breakfasts, seafood, sushi, burgers, pizza, coffees, desserts all over the world. You can create tasty healthy and unhealthy food.

If you finish all quests, you will become the master chef. Use your favorite food recipe in fancy restaurant and enjoy yummy baking. You can use several of delicious ingredients to cook in fast food games. Test your cooking skills. Cook, grill and bake your way to greatness in this free time management cooking game.

  • Fun and Challenging Levels
  • Foods from around the world
  • Discover new recipes
  • Get your every single customer happy Play Store