Freestyle Extreme Skater: Flippy Skate

This is a skateboarding game, where you can perform tons of different skateboard tricks. You can pick your character from 6 variants and your skateboards from 20 variants, all while listening to great rock music. Grab your skateboard and get ready. Play the way you want, Look the way you want. The more you play, the more you earn money. Jump on your board, learn new moves and improve your skateboarding skills to land sick combos. Ride fast, do manuals, slides, flip tricks, grabs, wall rides and all the other tricks you can imagine and line them together for insane combos. Check out all of the locations to skate at. There are over 30 unique tricks to master and hundreds of combinations. This game includes next generation graphics specially optimized for your mobile hardware. This game will keep you coming back.

Practice and improve your skateboarding skills without any time constraints. Execute the craziest combos and trick sequences to rack up some impressive high scores. Hop on your board, learn new tricks and improve your skills in 5 completely unique locations. From ollies and wheelies to 360s and kickflips, practise and become legend.

  • 8 remarkable levels and 50+ challenging missions
  • Awesome background music
  • A bunch of awesome tricks, grinds, slides and manuals
  • Pull off extreme combos
  • Stunning graphics and smooth 3D animations
  • Unlock new maps, characters, skateboards
  • Realistic physics
  • This game supports mobile and tablets
  • 20 different skateboards to choose from
  • Intuitive controls that anyone can learn
  • Supports all the latest generation devices
  • supports gamepad (A - jump, X - tricks, B - hard tricks, Y - grind, joystick - move)

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